November Moon Rituals

Olivia Sliva

Posted on November 06 2019

November Moon Rituals


The Beaver moon is almost upon us, a name given to the November full moon by Native American tribes as this is the time of year beavers build their dams in preparation for the cold season. And with the beaver moon comes a time to let go of the things that no longer serve us. As the moon brims with the sun’s energy, we offer her things to take as she wanes over the next two weeks, emptying out back toward a new moon.

As we enter this period of the month, we wanted to help you create your own full moon ritual to ensure your release is effective and powerful. Here are four insightful tips from Helen Avery of Wanderlust to help you with yours.

Ideally for a moon ritual, you would be outside under the moon, but if that’s not possible then being near a window, or even setting an intention in an indoor space will work. Whether alone or with friends, smudge yourself and the area you are going to be working in with palo santo or sage, call in the Four Directions, the Four Elements, or any angels and guides you feel would positively support your ritual, intending to share the benefits of your ritual with all beings.

Try collecting fallen leaves, feathers, branches, or stones leading up to a ritual and create a mandala on the ground or on a table for the moon. Similarly, you could lay out petals or crystals (under a full moon, crystals will also have the added benefit of being charged). To represent the elements of water and fire, a glass of water and a safely-lit candle can be added to an altar—although try to let the candle burn out by itself or gently snuff it rather than blowing it out. We can also offer our thanks during our preparation, pondering the many ways the moon brings joy into our lives.

Take a moment if you haven’t already to write a short letter to the moon asking clearly for what you want help with. During a full moon, this letter can ask for help releasing something from your life. That could be a relationship, a thought pattern, a grudge, a physical ailment, or feelings of anger or envy. Then place your letter somewhere on your altar, where you will leave it to be received by the moon overnight, before clearing away the next day when the sun has risen.

A ritual, while serious, is something to be celebrated. Together, or alone, you can sing, chant, read a poem, dance, or even roll through some moon salutations in honor of yourself and the moon. Finally, observe how you feel for the next few days. Rituals are very powerful. After a full moon you may be guided to rest or drink lots of water. As the moon rules the water element, a bath can also be a great post-ritual addition.

Enjoy the process and don’t forget your rose quartz!

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