Rose Quartz Hydrating Oil Infused with CBD

Rose Quartz Hydrating Oil Infused with CBD


A fast-absorbing dry body oil that infuses skin with instant moisture for soft, touchable results. This lightweight body oil is made with organic natural oils, full-spectrum CBD, and a delicate genuine rose quartz crystal, providing essential hydration for dry skin. Make this oil a part of your daily self-care routine to feed your mind (CBD), body (oil), and soul (crystal).

Note: The rose quartz body oil can be used on face, body and works excellent when combined with makeup and moisturizer.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD:
• Reduces inflammation.
• Antibacterial effects.
• Eliminates dead cells.
• Regenerates new cells.
• Acne-fighting properties.
• Diminishes signs of aging.
• Improves tightness.
• Potent antioxidant properties.
• Improves cell function and better overall health.
• Reduces puffy eyes/dark circles.
• Counteracts signs of aging. 
• Helps reduce skin allergies. 
• Helps treat Psoriasis. 
• Helps treat Rosacea.
• Helps treat eczema.
• Helps hydrate extremely dry skin.
• For all skin types.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:
• Soothes the skin.
• Balances and strengthens the heart and circulatory system. 
• Stimulates blood circulation to bring oxygen to the skin.
• Eliminates toxins and impurities in skin.
• The vibrations of love emitted from the stone. help unblock the energy that clogs the heart chakra letting go of tension in the muscles that create fine lines and wrinkles. 
• Calms the mind.
• Opens up the heart chakra.
• sends off strong vibrations of love.
• Promotes self love.
• Strengthens connection to your inner goddess energy.

♥ Apply over damp skin in circular motion. For best results use morning and evening.

♥ Use with your moisturizer for increased luminosity.

♥ Add to to the tips of your hair for added shine and healthy gloss.

♥ Add a few drops to bath and allow your skin to soak in the hydration and the calming effects of CBD.

♥ Use it as a massage oil to help with achy muscles and joints while keeping your skin hydrated and relieving stress.

♥ Apply into temples and pressure points to relax into meditation. After use, the crystal is your keepsake. Use it to meditate, place under your pillow, or keep it with you to attract unconditional love and to elevate self-love.

• Authentic Rose Quartz in every bottle.
• Coconut oil.
• Sunflower seed oil.
• Glycerin.
• Cannabinoid (CBD).
• Argon oil.
• Phenoxyethanol.
• Ethylhexylglycerin.
• Vitamin E Oil.
• Fragrance.

Please note the following:
♥ Cruelty free.
♥ Paraben free.
♥ Sustainably sourced.
♥ Environmentally responsible.
♥ Vegan.
♥ Gluten free.
♥ No artificial colorants, phtalates, pegs, silicons, sulfates, gluten, glycols, and mineral oil.

⚠ For external use only. Do not ingest.
⚠ Avoid contact with eyes.
⚠ Keep out of reach of children.
⚠ Consult with a doctor if nursing or pregnant.
⚠ Stop use if irritation occurs.
⚠ Immediately contact medical help or poison control if swallowed.

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